Remembering growing up in Fresno

LOST FRESNO is a free discussion forum that is dedicated to preserving memories of growing up in Fresno when crime, urban blight, strip malls and gang violence were virtually unknown. Those days have long since passed but we fondly remember those by gone times here at LOST FRESNO. No membership is required to post memories and comments. We discuss the restaurants we used to love but have fallen into disrepair. We remember the drive-in theaters that have now been dismantled and become shopping malls. You will know that you will enjoy your visit here when the following names brings a smile to your face:

Nancy Allen's Movie Matinee on Channel 24
Perry's Okie Frijole in the Manchester Mall
White Front Discount Store on Blackstone
Lesterburger and his flat top haircut
The Sky Slide on Blackstone
Triple J Drug Store at Ashland Park
Al Radka's Fun Time with the Three Stooges
Harpains Dairy on Cedar where you smelled fresh hay

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A special "thank you" to the Fresno Bee and staff writer, Josh Tehee - for their continuing support.